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Support a fair wage for health careworkers all year round - not only during a pandemic.

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Support a fair wage for health careworkers all year round,
not only during a pandemic.

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At 7pm every evening, Canadians stepped up and widely cheered our front line workers.

Thousands of British Columbians were on their porches, balconies and on their streets applauding these heroes. Throughout this pandemic, these essential workers have taken care of our communities through their courageous efforts and selfless determination.


We thanked them at 7pm, now it’s our turn to step up the support and help essential workers achieve what they truly deserve.

In a recent report sponsored by Community Savings Credit Union, more than 8 out of 10 British Columbians* view long-term care workers and hospital house-keeping and cleaning staff as critical, alongside doctors and nurses. Unfortunately, not all long-term care staff are paid fairly for the vital services they provide. BC has a two-tier pay system where many of the private sector health care support workers are undervalued and underpaid. 

Right now, many workers in long-term care and assisted living earn less than the provincial standard, and have fewer benefits. Wage rates have been temporarily levelled up as part of the Provincial Health Officer’s directive to limit care home workers to a single site. Our report finds that 88 percent of British Columbians* overwhelmingly support making ‘leveled-up’ pay for long-term care workers permanent after the pandemic. 

The 7:01 Movement was launched to build off the public’s show of support for its healthcare workers during the 7pm applause. CSCU is committed to financially empowering the working community across British Columbia, and that means we believe all workers should be paid fairly. This petition is about health care workers permanently maintaining the fair wages they have rightfully earned during this crisis. Fair wages, which they truly deserve.

Support health care workers.

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*These are the findings of a study/survey conducted by Community Savings Credit Union from June 17 to June 19, 2020 with a provincially representative sample of 1,005 British Columbians who are members of the Angus Reid Forum. The survey was conducted in English.