Bonus Cash for Switching

Members can get up to $1000* in cash bonuses!

New and current members of community savings can qualify for up to $1000 in cash bonuses depending on the products and services you have with us.

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Getting started is easy, visit to learn more about us and earn your first $200 by becoming a member. When you come to open your account, we’ll let you know how you can qualify for more bonuses.

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*Terms and conditions apply. See branch for details.

Who we are: For People. Not Profit.

A member of the community since 1944, Community Savings started when a group of people pooled their savings to form a credit union to help people achieve their financial dreams. Today, Community Savings continues to rely on its founding principle of “people helping people” at our six branches open throughout the Lower Mainland. We’ve stayed small to continually provide our members with the best service possible.

Our products are specifically designed to meet you and your family’s financial needs. That means we’ve got you covered for banking, borrowing, investing and insurance. Learn more.

Who we are not: We’re not banks

Credit unions are financial cooperatives. Our products, services and operations may resemble those of banks, but there are some major differences. The biggest ones are that we’re locally owned and invest their profits in the communities where we operate; where our members live and work.

Benefits of credit union membership:

Off the top of our head, we can think of six great benefits to join a credit union:

1.    Credit unions are owned by their members.
2.    Credit unions offer a full range of financial services.
3.    All members are equal, regardless of account size.
4.    Your money is protected through the Deposit Insurance Corporation of B.C.
5.    We’re #1 in national customer service reviews for 11 years running!
6.    Local is where we live. Local is where we give back to the community.

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