In 1944 Community Savings was founded as the IWA Credit Union. Although our financial co-operative has grown over the years to include members from all of BC’s unions - one thing has stayed the same; we remain “The Unions’ Credit Union”.

Community Savings operates on a number of core values; one of which is our belief that union membership not only improves the safety, earning power and future security of Canada’s workers, but it enhances our communities as well. We believe a thriving labour movement benefits all facets of daily life; from the public services our tax dollars pay for to the increased purchasing power a union paycheque brings to the private sector.

We also know that the most effective unions are those whose members are empowered with a collective understanding of their purpose and the skills necessary to achieve their goals. It is with this in mind that we settled on the idea of direct support for the work of the Canadian Labour Congress in labour education.

The result was the establishment of two continuing CLC Pacific Region Winter School Scholarships. It was also decided that the course topics could change from year to year, depending on the emerging needs of the labour movement .

We offer these scholarships in the spirit of those union workers who were our Community Savings founders; visionaries who brought their values from the shop floor to the financial sector, where many had been unfairly denied support for their modest dreams before.

It is our hope that these scholarships shall help bring enhanced understanding, a sense of purpose and practical skills to the members of CLC affiliate unions throughout the Province of British Columbia.

For more information, please contact Marie Decaire at 604-637-5015.

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