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Time is probably one of your most valuable commodities. No matter what you do, you never seem to have enough of it.

To help you regain some of this valuable time, we have developed BusinessDirect Online Banking. Designed especially for the needs of local businesses and union organizations, our online direct banking system gives you powerful, time-saving features in one convenient package. BusinessDirect takes the hassle out of managing your accounts.

In addition to the regular MemberDirect features, BusinessDirect offers the following functionality:

Account Consolidation

With BusinessDirect, moving money between accounts is easy. You can consolidate up to three accounts so that you can see all your information at a glance. In addition, you have the ability to move money between accounts without having to log in multiple times.

Federal and Provincial Tax Payments

Forget fiddling with forms and rushing to the credit union to send payroll taxes. With a few clicks of the mouse you can pay and file payroll or other taxes online, just like any other bill payment. BusinessDirect provides the convenience of online remittance to provincial as well as federal payments.

Delegate Tasks With Multiple-User Support

Do you employ an accountant, bookkeeper or other staff member to keep your finances in order? With BusinessDirect you can authorize a “delegated” staff member(s) to view statements, initiate transfers, and bill payments. This feature allows signers to shift daily tasks to staff without relinquishing final control and approval over payments and finances. “Initiator delegates” can set up transactions by entering information such as payee name and amount to be paid, but account signers must approve the transaction in order for it to take place.

Dual-Signature Support

Transactions created in BusinessDirect can be set up to require approval from two people. Best of all, the notification process between both signers is fully automated. You’ll be able to see what’s pending as soon as you log in. Each time one signer creates a transaction such as a bill payment, this transaction is marked as ‘Pending’ until the other signer logs in to online banking and approves it. The transaction is carried out once both parties have approved it.

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