INTERAC E-Transfers

Fast. Convenient. Secure.

An INTERAC® E-Transfer is a quick and secure way to send money to anyone with a Canadian bank account — without sharing any personal or financial information. All you need is access to Community Savings’ online banking and the recipient’s email address.

  • Send money to your children
  • Split a lunch bill
  • Pay the babysitter, tutor, or daycare
  • Pay for items purchased online
  • Contribute to a friend's fundraising activity


  • Costs less than bank drafts or money orders.
  • Never have to share your personal or financial information, such as your address, phone number or account information.
  • Better alternative to cheques and cash.
  • Recipients do not need a Community Savings account to receive the money.

Instant Transfers

With INTERAC® E-Transfer, recipients don’t have to wait for funds to clear. Money can be instantly accessed after the transfer is accepted. However, to immediately receive a transfer, the recipient must bank with a participating financial institution. If the recipient’s institution does not offer INTERAC® E-Transfer, the transaction will usually take 3-5 business days.


When you send or receive money through INTERAC® E-Transfer, an email is used only to notify the recipient. Your money never travels by email. The money is transferred using well established and secure banking procedures, which have the same high level of security as online banking transactions.

For additional protection, a customized Security Question is used to help verify that the money is being received by the intended person.

How to send money

  1. Log into online banking
  2. Click on the “Transfer Money” tab
  3. Click on the “Send E-Transfer” link
  4. Specify the account you want to send the money from, the amount, and the recipient.
    NOTE: To add a recipient to your list, all you need to know is their email address.
  5. As an option, you can include a custom message with the notification email that will be sent to the recipient.


How to receive money

The process for receiving the funds will vary depending on the recipient’s Financial Institution:

With a participating financial institution:

  1. Click on the special link located within the notification email. The link will forward you to a secure INTERAC® log in screen.
  2. From this screen you can select your bank or credit union.
  3. Once selected, Interac will take you to your financial institutions website, where you will be prompted to log into your online banking account.
  4. Once logged in, the banking system will walk you through the deposit process.

With a Non-participating financial institution:

  1. Click on the special link located within the notification email. The link will forward you to a secure INTERAC® log in screen.
  2. From this screen you can select the "My financial institution does not appear here".
  3. You will be asked to create or log into your existing Interac account.
  4. Once logged in, Interac will proceed to deposit the transfer into your chequing or savings account (which usually takes 3-5 business days). For non-participating financial institution deposits, a $4.00 service fee will be deducted from the transfer amount.


Transfer Limits

  • Per transfer maximum: $3,000
  • 7-day maximum: $7,000
  • 30-day maximum: $15,000


  • To send transfer: $1.50
  • To receive transfer: FREE
  • To stop a transfer: FREE
  • Each INTERAC® E-Transfer expires after 30 days if not collected by the recipient.
  • The INTERAC® E-Transfer feature is NOT available for personal account that require two or more signatures to perform a transfer.
  • Do not use INTERAC® E-Transfers to move money between your Community Savings accounts. The transaction will not go through; however, INTERAC® will still process the non-refundable $1.50 charge.

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