INTERAC E-Transfers

Fast. Convenient. Secure.

With new features like Autodeposit and Request Money, Interac e-Transfer is now the best way to send, request and receive money from anyone with a bank account in Canada.

An INTERAC® E-Transfer is a quick and secure way to send money to anyone with a Canadian bank account — without sharing any personal or financial information. All you need is access to Community Savings’ Online Banking or our Mobile Banking App and the recipient’s email address.

• No need to run to the ATM to pay back a friend or mail a cheque - it can all be done through INTERAC e-Transfer.
• Use the Request Money feature to ask friends, family or anyone else for quick payments.
• Use the Autodeposit feature to automatically accept INTERAC e-Transfer payments.


  • Never have to share your personal or financial information, such as your address, phone number or account information.
  • With Autodeposit, there’s no need to log in to online banking or answer security questions. Once you register your email address, anytime someone sends you money, the funds will be automatically deposited into your account
  • With Request Money, you can ask your friends, family members, or even clients for the money they owe you with just a few clicks. It’s a simple and fast way to remind a friend they owe you money.

Not enrolled in online banking?

Simply call us at 604-654-2000 or visit your local branch.

Quick Steps on Setting up Autodeposit

If you are registered for Autodeposit, incoming Interac e-Transfers will be automatically deposited into your account and you’ll receive a deposit notification.

To set up Autodeposit, complete the following steps:

  1. Login to online banking.
  2. Go to Transfers > Send Interac e-Transfer.
  3. If not previously set up for Interac e-Transfers, select Create Your Sender Profile and complete that process.
  4. Click on the link for Autodeposit.
  5. On the Autodeposit Registration page, input or confirm your email address and select the account to associate with the email address.
  6. Read and agree to the conditions specified by clicking on the checkboxes. Note: you must agree to the conditions if you wish to be registered for Autodeposit.
  7. Click on the Register You should receive a confirmation message stating that an email has been sent to your address to complete the registration. (It is important you open the email and confirm the registration within 24 hours.)
  8. Click Done. You’ll be taken to the Autodeposit settings page which shows the status of your registration.
  9. Open the email for the Autodeposit Registration and click on the button: Complete Registration. You will receive a confirmation that Autodeposit Registration has been completed.

Transfer Limits

  • Per transfer maximum: $3,000
  • 7-day maximum: $7,000
  • 30-day maximum: $15,000