This environmentally-friendly version of your printed statement can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. Using MemberDirect’s secure 128-bit encrypted gateway, you can safely view, download, and even print exact replicas of your traditional paper statements.

Since e-Statements are stored securely online, you also don’t have to worry about losing information to a house fire or thieves stealing statements from your mailbox.


Why choose e-Statements?

  1. Receive 2 free self-serve transactions every month
  2. Get your statements faster
  3. Reduce paper clutter
  4. Increased privacy and security
  5. Environmentally friendly
  6. Can be safely stored online
  7. It’s free

Free Transactions

When you switch to the environmentally friendly e-Statement feature, you will automatically receive 2 free self-serve transactions every month, which you can add to any chequing or savings account.

Activate this free online banking feature by calling 1-888-963-2000 or visit one of our branches.