Future Plan - RRSPs & TFSAs

An Easy and Affordable Way To Save For Retirement

An Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) contribution is one of the best ways to build your retirement savings and Future Plan is designed to make RRSP contributions extremely easy and affordable to suit your monthly budget.

The Benefits of an RRSP:

  • Reduces your taxable income
  • Generates a potential tax refund
  • Grows your savings for retirement

Future Plan Features and Benefits:

  • Start with an initial deposit of $50
  • Convenient automatic monthly deposits
  • Minimum monthly deposit is only $50
  • Earn interest equivalent to the One Year Term Deposit rate*
Future Plans are also available for Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs) which are ideal for both long-term and short-term saving goals. TFSAs can be used to build an emergency fund, save for a car, renovations, vacations, or even to start a small business. Canadian residents, 18 years and older, are allocated $6,000 of new TFSA contribution room (effective 2020) each year.

A Future Plan started in the beginning of the year can give you up to 12 months to deposit and grow your RRSP for 2020. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how even small amounts can quickly add up.

Start saving today. Your future will thank you!

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* Interest rate is set daily at the rate paid for one year term deposits.

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