Our Commitment

Putting the union back in credit union

At Community Savings™ we’re more than just a credit union – we’re the credit union of choice for the majority of unions in British Columbia. Quite naturally, our roots run deep in the labour movement.

Established in 1944 by a small but dedicated group in the forestry sector, we’ve been helping unions and their members achieve financial goals through innovative products and personalized service.

As BC’s largest fully unionized credit union we take pride in our union roots and philosophy:

  • All of our support, technical, and branch staff are fully unionized
  • The majority of our board members are well known and respected leaders within the union movement
  • We have a clear “buy union” policy that is unshakable
  • We actively sponsor and participate in union events, programs, fund raisers, and trade shows throughout BC such as the CLC Winter School and the United Way Labour campaign
  • We return a minimum of 1% of after-tax profits to the people and communities we serve