Union Members

At Community Savings, your union dues entitle you to a collection of financial benefits that are unlike anything else you’ll find in Canada. In addition to competitive financial products and the personal service we’re known for, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  1. Mortgage & Loan Postponement

    As a member of a union, you’ll have the option to postpone regular mortgage and loan payments for up to three months, in any given twelve month period, in the event of a labour dispute.
  2. Lending Discount

    As a member of a union, you’ll receive a discounted rate on all of our loan and mortgage products.
    Bonus: If you transfer an existing mortgage into a Community Savings closed mortgage, we’ll pay the other financial institution’s transfer-out fee* and cover the appraisal and legal costs.
  3. Legal Fees Discount

    Purchasing property can be a pricey venture that’s full of pesky fees and charges. To help with this added financial burden, we’ll give you $300 towards legal fees with any Community Savings closed mortgage.
  4. Free Chequing

    To ensure that you have enough time to determine which chequing account best suits your needs, you’ll receive 3 months of free chequing with your Community Savings membership. Think of it as a free test drive.
  5. Save 1/2% on a Line of Credit

    On approved credit, you’ll receive a 1/2% discount in the interest rate that would normally apply for the first year of a PrimeLine line of credit of $4,001 or more. Our regular competitive rates apply after the first year.
  6. Earn a 1/4% Term Deposit Bonus

    Earn an extra 1/4% interest on top of our already attractive posted rates. This term deposit bonus is paid on new deposits of $5,000 or more for one to five year terms.
  7. Earn a 1/4% RRSP Bonus

    Receive up to a 1/4% interest bonus on top of our already competitive posted rates for new or transferred-in deposits of $5,000 or more. This bonus applies to our regular terms of one to five years.
    Bonus: We’ll cover the other financial institution’s transfer-out fee – up to $50.
  8. Safety Deposit Box Discount

    Enjoy the security of your own safety deposit box free for the first 3 months then receive a $5 discount each year. Sizes and quantities are limited and are subject to availability.
  9. Like-Minded Causes

    As a Community Savings member you’ll be helping to support all the progressive and union-sponsored causes in which we participate.

Check and compare the competition, then visit one of our branches to discover why people are switching to Community Savings.

* Transfer-out fee is paid to a limit of $250.00

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