Union Organizations

Community Savings’ (CSCU) pro-union values started 75 years ago with our roots as the I.W.A. Credit Union when union activists created a financial institution that was truly for the benefit of the working community.

CSCU is the union’s credit union for a reason. It’s not only about our history, it’s about our guiding principles and values that shape our purpose and direction.

• To be the credit union of choice for the working community.

• Proud to be the largest FULLY unionized credit union in BC and a designated Living Wage Employer that treats employees with respect.

• We have an unshakeable “BUY UNION” mandate that supports union services and union made products.

• The majority of the CSCU Board of Directors are well known leaders within the labour movement which includes affiliation and experience with: BC Fed, CUPE, BCTF, HEU, UFCW, BC Building Trades, and IUOE.

• Partner of the Community Benefits Coalition of BC. The Community Benefits Coalition of BC was started by members of the labour movement and by local companies who believe that projects paid for by B.C. taxpayers can and should provide tangible long-lasting benefits that go beyond the mere project itself.

• Active supporter of The Union Protein Project (UPP). The UPP is a community partnership to address the shortages of protein at BC’s food banks and the shortages of an economy that leaves people vulnerable.

Banking for Unions

As the primary financial partner for 100+ union organizations, we offer unique financial packages and services that are designed specifically for union organizations.

• Two full time Union Liason Officers dedicated to union accounts and can personally service your account from the convenience of your union office.

• Competitive rates for short and long term deposits that will help maximize your union business funds.

• Industry leading special interest on chequing accounts, along with low account fees and services charges.

• All deposits are 100% guaranteed. Protection provided by the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.

• Attractive personal banking packages for union members featuring an industry leading mortgage deferral program that assists workers in the event of a strike or lock-out.

As a proud union supporter, where you bank does matter.
Your choice to bank with a credit union that shares the same union values, and supports the same union causes can positively benefit the labour movement and the working community. Bank somewhere worthy.  Bank where union values and principles matter. Bank with Community Savings.
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Lisa Langan
Union Liaison Officer

Par Sihota
Union Liaison Officer