Additional Services

Safety Deposit Boxes

Are you looking for a safe and secure location to store your documents, jewelry, or other irreplaceable items?  Look no further!  Community Savings offers a variety of box sizes.  Contact the branches for availability.

Direct Deposits

Members can set up pre-authorized direct deposits so that funds can be automatically credited into most chequing or savings accounts. This services is free and only needs to be set up once. It can be used for such things as payroll and government cheques. Direct Deposits from the government can be set up for Income Tax Refunds, GST Credits, Child Tax Benefits, Universal Child Care Benefits, Old Age Security, Canada Pension Plans, Veterans Affairs Pensions or Awards, War Veterans Allowances, Veterans Affairs Financial Benefits, Canadian Forces Pensions, Public Service Superannuation, RCMP Pensions, and Government of Canada Annuities.

Overdraft Protection

Do you ever worry about making ends meet between pay periods?  Community Savings offers a prearranged line of credit that is attached to your chequing account and can be accessed via cheque, internet/telephone banking, and member card.  Lines of credit are granted subject to qualification; contact a branch for more detail.

Official Cheques & Drafts - Canadian & US

For those times you are looking for something more official than a personal cheque, Community Savings offers official cheques & drafts in Canadian & US funds.  Contact the branch for more details.

International Funds Transfers

Looking for a safe, secure, and convenient way to transfer funds?  Community Savings provides funds transfer services to Canada, the United States, or almost anywhere internationally at all of our locations.  Contact any of our branches today for information on the details required to wire funds.

For a complete list of services, please call 1-888-963-2000.

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