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Community Savings University Launched

February 10, 2020

Community Savings Credit Union (CSCU) recently launched Community Savings University (CSU), an internal learning program designed to address the organization's developmental needs and wellness goals. As part of this initiative, CSU has partnered with exciting industry-leading vendors and have onboarded an engaging learning platform.

"At CSCU, we obsess about delivering the best possible service to our members and also internally to our colleagues. To do this successfully, we understand the need to invest in the continuous development of our employees," said Kirsten I'Anson, VP of Special Projects. "We know that learning happens best when we can integrate it into the flow of our work. Offering our employees anytime, anywhere access to material that can help them upskill 'on the fly,' was a key priority for us. For this, CSU chose LinkedIn Learning and a cloud-based learning management system that allows them to curate online-content and schedule in-person learning events," added I'Anson.

Alongside offering immersive technical and soft skill online content, CSCU is passionate about blending their learning offering with instructor-led learning events. The Learning and Development team recently partnered with BC Emergency Health Services' Paramedic and JIBCT trainer Jodie Marshal to pilot an innovative, empathetic listening skills workshop. "We've been working hard to distill what is about our service that sets us apart from the crowd and identified that our ability to truly listen to and connect with our customers is at the heart of our interactions," said I'Anson.

This is the first in a series of communication skills events that CSCU has lined up for its employees. This is an innovative learning programme that challenges CSCU to improve and evolve services that are offered internally and externally.

Community Savings is excited about building a culture of everyday learners and look forward to accelerating the engagement, wellbeing and happiness of CSCU employees as a result.

About Community Savings

Community Savings Credit Union is BC's largest fully unionized credit union and is dedicated to being the credit union of choice within the working community. At Community Savings Credit Union, we are known for providing exceptional service to each member, and our passion lies in empowering our members to achieve their financial goals. Being member owned and operated, Community Savings invests in communities by supporting local charities and non-profit organizations to help create stronger and more vibrant communities.

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