Nearly nine out of ten British Columbians support equal pay for equal work in BC’s long-term care homes 

Community Savings Credit Union launches 7:01 Movement to advocate for all healthcare workers to receive a fair wage all year around - not only during a pandemic.

June 25, 2020

A new report released today by Community Savings Credit Union has found that 88 per cent of British Columbians support continuing ‘levelled-up’ pay for long-term health care workers after the pandemic.

The report, commissioned by Community Savings Credit Union, was conducted among 1,005 members of the Angus Reid Forum panel to better understand public opinion of wage discrepancies between BC’s long-term care workers.

There is also strong support (87 per cent) for providing equal pay and benefit standards for long-term care workers.

Right now, many workers in long-term care and assisted living earn less than the provincial standard, and have fewer benefits. Wage rates have been temporarily levelled-up as part of the Provincial Health Officer’s directive to limit care home workers to a single site.

Mike Schilling, President and CEO of Community Savings Credit Union, explains: “The pandemic has put a spotlight on the importance of our long-term care workers and other health care staff who are on the front lines keeping us all safe. Why should it be that only in times of crisis, that health care workers are paid a fair salary across the board?”

“The vast majority of British Columbians recognize – and support – levelled-up pay in health care, not just during COVID-19. It would be wrong to cut salaries for these valued health care workers to pre-COVID levels. Our message should be that these workers are valued -- and not just during times of crisis.”

Community Savings has launched the 7:01 Movement to build off the public’s show of support for its health care workers during the 7pm applause.

Mike Schilling continued: “Our research shows British Columbians know that long-term care workers do not receive equal pay and benefits across the board – and nearly 9/10 respondents think this should change. We are calling on the general public to show their support by signing our petition to ensure all health care workers are paid a fair wage all year round.”

When commenting on these research findings, Hospital Employees’ Union secretary-business manager Jennifer Whiteside said: “B.C. has led the national response to the pandemic by taking decisive action to level-up wages in seniors care to the provincial standard. Going forward, re-establishing a provincial standard for wages and benefits will improve recruitment and retention of staff and improve working and caring conditions throughout the sector.”

British Columbians that would like to show their support for all health care workers being paid a fair wage all year round can join the 7:01 Movement here:

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