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Invoicing tools you can rely on.
Payroll advice you can trust.



With our small business invoicing tool, you can create, send and manage invoices directly from your business account.

​You can also:

  • Create personalized invoices

  • Track and update invoices

  • Generate reports and gain business insight

  • Email or print and mail your invoice

  • Add your logo

Log in to your business account and start a free trial today.



Give payroll the attention it deserves by choosing a payroll system that works for you and your employees long-term.

We can help you:

  • Understand payroll deductions

  • Account for vacation time and worker’s compensation

  • Deduct for tax, pension, and EI purposes

  • Find and set up a solid payroll plan

Contact us today for personalized payroll advice, guidance, and support.

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Get paid on time with
the click of a button

Request money is a feature that allows you to send a request
​for funds via the Interac e-Transfer system.