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​You work hard enough in school. Make your money work smarter.

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Paying for post-secondary, preparing for life.


Post-secondary education is expensive, but we can keep it within reach.
​ We’ll come up with a plan that makes the most of your money, and we’ll help you choose the smartest products and investments for your goals.


We can help you with

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Educational borrowing

Go in with a little extra cash, come out with a strong credit rating. Learn the ins and outs of borrowing and decide if it’s right for you.

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Purchasing rental property

Buying a house could be the cheapest way to live during school, especially if roommates are paying your mortgage while you build equity.

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Student bank accounts

You should be worried about finals, not finances. The right student bank account can ease your stress and let you focus on what’s really important.


Investing in a child's future


It's never too early to start putting money aside for a child's education.
Today, a student living at home pays an average of $4,000 per school year, but that amount is expected to reach $37,000 in the next 20 years!
Investing now can set you, and your child, up for success later.



Registered Education Savings Plans are set up through the Federal Government. They help people save for post-secondary education by putting a little money aside each year. Anyone can contribute to a child’s RESP (not just the parents), and families can set up a plan for one or more of their children. Interest earned on RESPs is tax-free, and when a child starts using their funds for school, they only pay tax on the accumulated interest.

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Canada Education Savings Grant

The biggest incentive to buy RESPs is the Canada Education Savings Grant, where the government adds an extra 20% to the first $2,500 you invest annually, giving you an extra $500 a year for your child's education. This can add up to as much $7,200 by the time your child graduates. And don't worry, if your child chooses not to attend a post-secondary institution, there are other ways to put that money to use.

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