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We put the ‘union’
in ‘credit union’.

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Our roots run deep in the labour movement.


In fact, Community Savings was created by the labour movement. Since 1944, we’ve been helping union members and union members achieve financial success with innovative products and personalized service.

As BC’s largest fully unionized credit union we take pride in our union roots and philosophy:

  • All of our support, technical, and branch staff are fully unionized
  • The majority of our board members are well known and respected leaders within the union movement

  • We have a clear “buy union” policy that is unshakable

  • We actively sponsor and participate in union events, programs, fundraisers, and trade shows throughout BC such as the CLC Winter School and the Union Protein Project

  • We return a minimum of 1% of after-tax profits to the people and communities we serve


Our members are union members.

Your union dues give you access to unparalleled financial benefits. You’ll benefit from competitive financial products and the personal service we’re known for, plus:

  • Mortgage and loan postponement for up to three months a year

  • Discounted rates on all of our loan and mortgage products*

  • Discounted legal fees of up to $300 on any closed mortgage

  • Free chequing for three months while you choose the account for you

  • A 0.5% discount on PrimeLine line of credit interest (LOC of $4,000 or more)

  • An extra 0.25% interest on regular 1- to 5-year term deposits of $5,000 or more

  • An extra 0.25% interest for transferred-in RRSP 1 to 5 year regular term deposits of $5,000 or more

  • A free safety deposit box for three months, and $5 annual discount after that

  • You’ll be helping support union-sponsored causes that CSCU participates in

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*not available on promotional term rates

We stand by union organizations.

Our pro-union values were established over 75 years ago when union activists created a financial institution specifically for the benefit of the working community. We’re the credit union of choice for most unions in British Columbia, and for good reason:

  • We have a union-first philosophy and an unshakable “buy union” mandate

  • We’re the largest, fully-unionized credit union in BC

  • We offered union organizations a $40,000 interest free loan to help deal with the financial impact of COVID-19

  • We’re a partner of the Community Benefits Coalition of BC, who support Community Benefit Agreements that secure work for underrepresented groups in the trades

  • Created the 7:01 Movement to support health care workers in their struggle to earn a fair wage all year round

  • We’re an active supporter and partner of the Union Protein Project

  • We support the communities we work and live in. Since 2016 we have contributed over $75,000 to local organizations

  • We are a member owned and operated co-operative, unlike shareholder-owned banks


Banking for unions and members


As the primary financial partner for 100+ other union organizations, we can offer unique financial packages and services that are designed specifically for you, with:

  • Two full-time Union Liaison Officers dedicated to union accounts

  • Competitive rates for short and long-term deposits, to maximize union business funds

  • Industry-leading special interest on chequing accounts, plus low fees and charges

  • 100% deposit guarantee, through the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of BC

  • Attractive personal banking packages for union members featuring an industry leading mortgage deferral program that assists workers in the event of a strike or lock-out

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​We work on your behalf.

Banking with a credit union that shares your union values,

and supports union causes, can positively benefit the

labour movement and the working community.

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Lisa Langan

Union Liaison Officer


Kristi Bounegru

Union Liaison Officer


Par Sihota

Union Liaison Officer