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Working together

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Working Together

In October 2022, CCEC officially merged with Community Savings Credit Union. Our two credit unions have teamed up to better serve our members, our employees, and our communities. The two credit unions now operate under the Community Savings Credit Union name across all seven operating branches in Vancouver (Joyce Station & Commercial Drive), Burnaby, New Westminster, Port Coquitlam, Surrey, and Victoria.

The first phase of the merger brought our teams, brand and rates together. The second and final phase of the merger – banking system integration – will take place on March 31st, 2023.

Banking system integration means both banking systems will go ‘offline’ for a short period, starting at 3:45pm on Friday March 31st, in order to bring together our banking systems. Member service is our top priority, and our teams are working hard to minimize disruption as we complete this second phase of the merger.

For Legacy CCEC Members

As we prepare for banking system integration, you can expect some changes. Your debit card, cheques and online banking will continue to work as normal. Please contact the CCEC branch directly if you would like to update your contact information, at 604.254.4100. 

Merger Information Update

Learn more about the latest merger information shared via email on February 27th, 2023 and March 6th, 2023. You will be kept up-to-date on key merger milestones by e-mail!

Important Update

On Friday March 31st from 3:45pm, the CCEC banking system will go offline in order to integrate it with Community Savings Credit Union’s banking system. After April 1st at 6pm, you will have access to all seven Community Savings branches, in addition to a number of additional services and products.

Some banking services and transactions will be limited starting Monday March 27th to enable our banking systems to join together.

Your CCEC member debit card and Visa card will continue to work through the banking system integration. Note that when the banking system is offline for the integration from March 31st at 3:45pm to April 1st at 6pm, your existing offline limits will apply (typically a limit of $100 for ATM withdrawals and $500 for transactions).


CCEC FAQs and Service Updates:

  • From Monday March 27th at 3pm, you will not be able to send e-Transfers.  
  • From Wednesday March 29th at 10am, you will not be able to receive e-Transfers or fulfil an Interac request for money. Pending e-Transfers that have not been accepted by a recipient will be cancelled, and the funds will be returned to your account on April 1st. 
  • All e-Transfers sent to CCEC branch members during the planned e-Transfer outage period, from Wednesday March 29th at 10am to Saturday April 1st at 6pm, will be available once the banking system is back online on April 1st .  
  • Your e-Transfer recipient list will not be carried over. For recipients that you would like to save, please take a screenshot or print out a copy of your recipient list. You can re-add your e-Transfer contacts after April 1st. 
  • Your e-Transfer autodeposit settings will not carry over. In order to automatically deposit  e-Transfers, please re-set up autodeposit on our online banking portal after April 1st. 
  • Future-dated or recurring bill payments that you have set up in internet banking will not carry over with the banking system conversion.  
  • If you have future-dated bill payments scheduled for after March 31st, you will need to set the bill payments up again after April 1st. 
  • Take a screenshot or print out a copy of your future-dated bill payments from your online banking before March 31st 

Note – your automatic payments (pre-authorized debits) set up with an external provider will continue with system conversion  
  • Online and app banking  
  • Telephone banking 
  • Large cash withdrawals and payments - note that your existing offline limits on your CCEC member debit card – typically $500 for transactions and $100 at ATMs, will be in place 
  • Sending and receiving e-Transfers will continue to be unavailable until the system conversion completes. Any automatic payments scheduled from March 31st at 3:45 pm to April 1st at 6 pm will be processed as soon as the banking system is integrated and back online. 
The member hours at the CCEC branch are 10-5, Tuesday to Friday. In the future, we intend to expand hours to provide 5-day/week banking at the CCEC branch.
Come March 31st, 2023 when the banking systems are updated, legacy CCEC members will move to Community Savings’ online banking platform and app. You will receive notification regarding this ahead of time by email.
We have done everything we can to keep existing member numbers, and most CCEC branch members will not see a change. Joint account holders will receive their own unique member number, and CCEC members who need an updated number will receive their new member number in March.
If you can view your statements via CECC online banking, they should convert over. If you receive paper statements only, please visit the CECC branch for transaction activity.
Your CCEC debit card (sometimes referred to as a MemberCard) will continue to work as long as you have it. When it expires (after April 1st), it will automatically be replaced with a Community Savings card.
CCEC charges $2.00 for automatic coverdrafting of overdrawn clearing items whereas Community charges $5.00