Whether you’re simply looking to reduce your interest rate through debt consolidation or taking out a major commercial loan for a large development, we offer a comprehensive line-up of lending products.

Choose from competitive open or closed mortgages with weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments that can be amortized up to 30 years. More
Personal Loans
We offer competitive fixed or variable rate personal loans with the ability to re-pay the loan in full anytime, without penalty. More
RRSP Loans
Borrowing to top-up or catch-up on missing RRSP contributions makes sense. Be sure to ask about our re-advanceable loans. More
Lines of Credit
Get a pre-arranged credit line attached to your chequing account so that you are guaranteed to have money when you need it. More
Credit Cards
Pick a card! Any card! We have six different credit cards to choose from – each with their own specific features and benefits. More