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We support ​the Union Protein Project.

As a proud partner of The Union Protein Project (UPP),
we provide financial sponsorship, staff involvement in fundraising,
and participation in the Vancouver and District Labour Council and UPP joint Community Forums.

​Last year, our staff alone raised over $2,500!


Recent Impact

Supporting the UPP

In 2019, our staff donated $2,505.60 to the Union Protein Project in exchange for casual jean Fridays (enough to buy 1,440 550g jars of peanut butter!).

Thank you to the New Westminster & District Labour Council for this great challenge!



“Community Savings cares about the people in our communities, and puts their needs first. Working here for the last 5 years has opened my eyes and my heart to so many wonderful causes and organizations. I look forward to participating in future projects that will continue to help our communities thrive!”

- Krystle, MSR


Creating jobs & sharing information

UPP members take actions to "eliminate the need for food banks through good jobs.” UPP’s dream is for no family to need a food bank, but until then, they assist those who are vulnerable. Community Forums make information available to food bank clients, helping them address their own concerns about government economic and social policy, education, labour standards, housing, and health.


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Why food banks?

As the number of Canadians forced into low paying jobs grows, so does the number of people living below the poverty line. Over 30% of food bank users are children, and the number of two-parent families reliant on food banks has grown faster than any other demographic. The people who rely on food banks are the Sisters and Brothers of those of us with well-paying union jobs, and we feel called to stand by them.

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Lend a helping hand.

Learn more or get involved with the Union Project Project.​