Debt Consolidation

By consolidating debt, you can simplify your life, lower monthly payments, and, in the end, leave more cash in your pocket. A Community Savings’ debt consolidation loan will allow you to blend your outstanding debts into one low-interest loan.

Why consolidate debt?

  • Save on interest: Since your consolidation loan will most likely have a lower interest rate than your outstanding debt (such as credit cards and store credits), you will be able to reduce your interest payments.
  • Lower monthly payments: By consolidating to a lower interest rate and/or extending your terms, you will be able to reduce your total monthly payments.
  • Simplify your life: By replacing your numerous monthly payments with one simple payment, it will make it easier to manage your monthly household budget.

Debt Consolidation Loans

To receive the lowest rate possible you can secure your consolidation loan with collateral of a vehicle, property, stocks, bonds or deposits in the credit union. Members also have the option of using a signature loan, which allows you to borrow funds without pledging any collateral as security. After qualification, all you have to do is sign a promissory note agreeing to pay back the funds.


  • Can be paid out at any time without penalty
  • Competitive locked-in or variable rates
  • Amount, length, and payments of loan can be tailored to suit your needs
  • Payments are automatically transferred from member’s deposit account
  • Life & Disability Insurance are available (and strongly recommended)

What is my next step?

Make an appointment with one of our loan specialists by calling 1-888-963-2000.